Google's Chromecast Ultra is the least expensive way to extremely sharp 4K HDR

Delivered to reverberating progress in 2013, Google's Chromecast is probably pretty much as straightforward as streaming gadgets get. Minimal in excess of a conductor that passes web based video from the cloud to your television with your cell phone as the controller there's little to add to Chromecast with regards to refreshes, as delineated by the most recent third gen HD Chromecast, which is more cosmetic touch up than update. Truly, the main spot left for Chromecast to wander was into the universe of 4K Ultra HD video. Enter the Ultra.

An unavoidable move to reflect the most recent in television innovation, the Chromecast Ultra may not look very different, however in the engine is the way to opening the 4K streaming smorgasbord, including support for High Unique Reach to release the rich difference and extended variety array of the present most eye-popping video.

Google Chromecast Ultra Review: Still Going Strong | Digital Trends

While the update pushes the Ultra's cost ($69) to twofold that of its ancestors, for those looking at a flexible method for gushing in 4K Ultra HD with HDR, it's one of the most mind-blowing deals around.


Priorities straight, just fitting your Ultra into your television and wall power source the new gadget can't source power straightforwardly from your television like its kin. Presently named Google Home to flag more extensive usefulness, the Chromecast application is basically equivalent to it forever was. Adding your new Ultra into the overlap is just about as straightforward as tapping the gadget symbol at the upper right, and adhering to the fundamental guidelines.

How to set up Google Chromecast

For certain clients, stable 4K streaming could require hard-wiring the gadget to your modem by means of the new Ethernet port, situated on the Ultra's power connector. Suggested streaming pace for 4K substance is for the most part 25Mbps and up, which might preclude a few switches. The gadget accompanies no genuine embellishments, so you'll likewise require your own Ethernet link available.

Features and Design

As referenced, the new Chromecast seems to be the old ones, save for a reflexive completion and a restrained variety plot — it comes in endlessly dark. (Obviously, not an excessive number of clients care about a brilliant decoration taken cover behind their television.) The Chromecast logo has likewise been supplanted with a "G," to tell you it's a "made by Google" item.

Google Chromecast Ultra Features and Design

Some fundamental equipment redesigns have likewise been added, which Google cases will make the gadget "1.8" times quicker at stacking streaming substance than a portion of its more established ancestors. Overall, at stacking HD content than our 2015 Chromecast. Like the 2015 model, the Ultra's Wi-Fi association is 802.11ac viable, and it will interface with both 2.4GHz and 5GHz passageways. Google suggests a 5Ghz association for 4K streaming.

While the most promoted include is 4K Ultra HD similarity, comparably significant some could say all the more so is support for HDR (High Unique Reach). You'll require a confirmed Ultra HD Premium television (which is more costly) to completely see the value in it, yet HDR is frequently alluded to as the good to beat all cake, offering more striking difference and more extravagant concealing that improves the extended variety range of top-level 4K televisions.

Dissimilar to Roku and Nvidia's Safeguard gadget, the Ultra backings both HDR10 (the most pervasive HDR organization) and Dolby Vision (the second-generally predominant), as yet positioning among the most adaptable 4K decorations in its cost class.

At this point, you might be asking yourself, "Don't all new top notch 4K televisions load savvy connects with 4K applications like Netflix and YouTube constructed right in?" To which we'd answer, "Indeed, and that is an exceptionally clever perception!"

This reality restricts the utilization cases for the Ultra essentially, as does the way that 4K HDR content actually isn't quite so broadly common as HD streams. While the gadget was the main decoration that upheld full HDR on YouTube upon its underlying delivery, this is not true anymore.

Google Chromecast Ultra review

All things considered, the Chromecast's application support is a lot heartier than most inherent television interfaces, with help for applications like Vudu, Google Play motion pictures, and others that could possibly accompany your new television. That is particularly obvious now that Google and Amazon's long-seething fight is finished, meaning Chromecast currently upholds Amazon Prime Video. Also, as 4K applications keep on filling in number, the Ultra can develop with them.

The opposition has worked on over the long run, and in 2019, we don't think this gadget is basically as helpful as Roku's Streaming Stick+, or even the Premiere+, however it is more portable than the last option. And, surprisingly, two or more years on, it's the most effective way to go assuming that you love Chromecast streaming and furthermore need a gadget that can develop with the most recent goal innovation and administrations.


Google's Home application is as yet restricted in its helpfulness, yet it has worked on in the years since the Ultra was first delivered. One of its best highlights is voice search, which look through across a couple applications, for example, Netflix and YouTube with voice orders like "Show me 4K films.

Google Chromecast Ultra Interface/Usability

Search has improved since our underlying survey (requesting Loot Lowe Programs presently really tracks down Parks and Entertainment), however it's as yet not quite so instinctive or valuable as Roku's cross-stage search. Maybe the application's best quality is (nothing unexpected) tracking down great 4K recordings on YouTube.

Where Chromecast's "cast" framework truly proves to be useful is permitting you to effectively progress from an application on a cell phone to your television with the basic tap of the cast symbol. Nothing's different there, so assuming that this is the means by which you like to get your streaming kicks, and you need to add more 4K substance in with the general mish-mash, the Ultra might be definitely in your wheelhouse.


When we associated with Ethernet (once more, this necessity will fluctuate contingent upon your switch), the Chromecast Ultra showed its determination, stacking 4K substance right away, and acclimating to full goal similarly as fast. We delighted in jumping through every one of the 4K substance we could deal with on Netflix, including Marco Polo, which is as yet an extraordinary illustration of story driven 4K substance.

Google Chromecast Ultra Performance

We likewise invested some quality energy in YouTube, however it takes a smidgen more digging to track down quality recordings there. The best models followed through in splendid goal with little associating. We encountered some stammering with quicker moving substance and fast container in certain recordings, yet we had comparative issues by means of our test television's local YouTube application, so accusing the Ultra there is hard. More direct, looking for HDR recordings uncovered a mother lode of flickering HDR content luxuriated in splendid, clear tones.

Our Take

Google's Chromecast Ultra is a smooth and straightforward method for serving up 4K Ultra HD content. The Ultra will probably be generally advantageous to clients with more established or less expensive 4K televisions that do exclude many streaming applications, particularly those without Google's developing set-up of content, including Google Play motion pictures.

However it's more costly than the HD Chromecast, the Ultra's consideration of 4K help, alongside HDR10 and Dolby Vision, ought to permit it to keep on expanding its worth as 4K streaming grows.

How Long Will it Last?

With double band Wi-Fi, Ethernet association, and all the most recent 4K and HDR designs ready, the Ultra is as yet applicable in 2019, and it stays prepared to develop with you and your decision of greater 4K Ultra HD televisions for years to come.

What Are The Alternatives?

The local applications stacked directly into your 4K Ultra HD television might be the Chromecast Ultra's greatest rivalry for some, however there are likewise different outsider streaming gadgets. The best choices incorporate the previously mentioned Roku Streaming Stick+ and Premiere+, and the $100 Roku Ultra, which adds highlights like an Optical computerized sound result for detachable sound association and a controller with a locater capability.

Roku gadgets highlight a more customary point of interaction and preferable get stage search over the Ultra, however their HDR capacity is restricted to HDR10. The Amazon Fire television Stick 4K is likewise a strong choice, offering 4K goal and both HDR10 and Dolby Vision support.

Should You Buy it?

In the event that you're searching for a reasonable streaming extra to your 4K Ultra HD television and you love Google's projecting style the Ultra is as yet a decent decision. While it's certainly requiring some investment for more 4K streaming applications to appear unexpectedly, the Ultra's worth ought to keep on rising.