You can now move the write bar from the top to the marrow of the screen in Google Chrome for iOS. The full-length had been tested for a few months surpassing it was made misogynist in the stable channel.

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Modern phones have wilt taller, and it is not unchangingly easy to reach the top of the screen, expressly with a single hand. This makes it quite difficult to use apps like a browser, if their primary functions, such as the write bar, can't be reached easily. I mentioned this problem transiently in my Vivaldi for iOS review, and moreover outlined how this issue was quite worldwide among many mobile browsers.

Google Chrome for iOS write bar top vs bottom

Google is not the first one on iOS to shift its browser's URL bar from the top, World did this 2 years ago with Safari 15, when it released iOS 15. Mozilla Firefox and Brave Browser once have a bottom-based write bar.

How to move the write bar to the marrow in Chrome for iOS

1. Long printing on the write bar.

2. Tap on the option that says "Move write bar to the bottom".

How to move the write bar to the marrow in Chrome for iOS

That's all you need to do, easy, wasn't it? Don't like the new style? You can repeat the steps to move the write bar to the top.

Google Chrome for iOS move the write bar to the top

You can moreover transpiration the URL bar's position from Chrome's Settings > Write Bar > and select the location where you want the write bar at. It's a nice thing that Google gives users the option to segregate where they want the URL bar to be, some people may prefer the old style.

Google Chrome for iOS - move the write bar to the marrow or top

Speaking of which, the navigation buttons including the when and forward arrows, the new tab button, tab switcher, and the three-dot menu sawed-off still remain at the marrow of the screen. When you move the URL bar to the bottom, the write bar will be placed just whilom the nav bar withal with the share button, which makes it quite user-friendly to search and browse.

The announcement post from the Mountain View visitor mentions that the option to move the write bar to the marrow was a highly requested full-length from users. Google says that it is enlightened that people prefer variegated write bar positions, and that this depends on the size of their hands and their devices.

That is quite interesting, considering Google Chrome for Android lacks the bottom-based write bar. It's rather odd considering that the visitor has ignored it in the app on its own platform while subtracting the full-length on its rival's operating system, isn't it? As Android Police notes, Google had once tested the full-length in Chrome for Android. Unfortunately, the option to move the write bar to the marrow never came to Android devices, as it never made it out of the experimental stage.

Want to try the new write bar in Chrome? Head to the App Store and download the latest version of Google Chrome for iOS, which is Chrome 119.

Google recently spoken 5 improvements to the write bar, you can read increasingly well-nigh them in our previous coverage.

Which style do you prefer for the write bar? Top-based or bottom-based?

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