Google spoken on Wednesday that it has released updates for the company's Google Chrome web browser. The updates for Chrome Stable and Chrome Extended Stable are once available.

google chrome 106 update

What makes the update rather mysterious is that Google provides little information on the nature of the updates. The official Chrome Releases blog posts reveal no information on the nature of the updates.

In fact, the only information that is provided is that the version of Chrome is updated to 106.0.5249.103 on the Stable and the Extended Stable channel.

Users who click on the "log" link that Google provides may parse the official Chromium changelog to find out increasingly well-nigh the updates. The parsing returns confirmation that Google stock-still a potential deadlock issue in CacheStorageManager and corrected an issue in AT deportment API, which could rationalization "serious regressions with JAWS".

JAWS, which stands for Job Access With Speech, is a screen reader "developed for computer users whose vision loss prevents them from seeing screen content or navigating with the mouse".

It is unclear if the listed issues are the only ones stock-still in the new Chrome release. Google does not report security issues that it discovers internally in the release notes or in the Chromium log, to prevent misuse by bad actors. It is possible that the visitor stock-still security issues in Chrome found by internal teams.

Either way, it is recommended that Chrome users update the browser as soon as possible to stave the deadlock issue. The weightier way to do so is to load chrome://settings/help in the browser's write bar. Alternatively, selecting Menu > Help > Well-nigh Google Chrome displays the current version and runs a trammels for updates. Any update that Chrome finds is downloaded and installed automatically at this point.

The update is the third for Chrome Stable and Extended Stable that Google released recently. Both the update to Chrome 106 and the point update that followed supervenient were security related.

Closing Words

Google is tight lipped when it comes to Chromium and Chrome updates. Some say that this is by design, others that the visitor is indifferent.

Now You: what is your take? Should Google provide increasingly details in release notes?

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