Google released a new stable version of its Chrome web browser today. The new version of Chrome patches six variegated vulnerabilities in the web browser equal to Google's release utterance on the official Chrome releases blog.

chrome 106 security update

Chrome 106.0.5249.119 is once misogynist for the supported desktop systems Windows, Mac and Linux. Google notes that the Extended Stable waterworks has been updated to the same version for Windows and Mac as well.

Most Chrome installations are updated automatically thanks to the seated updating system. The process may take days or plane weeks equal to Google.

Chrome users may load chrome://settings/help to exhibit the current version of the browser and run a transmission trammels for updates. The browser will download and install any update that it discovers automatically.

Chrome 106.0.5249.119

Google confirms on the Chrome Releases blog that it has stock-still six variegated vulnerabilities in the update. All six security issues have a severity rating of high, the second-highest without critical.

[$15000][1364604] Upper CVE-2022-3445: Use without self-ruling in Skia. Reported by Nan Wang (@eternalsakura13) and Yong Liu of 360 Vulnerability Research Institute on 2022-09-16
[$13000][1368076] Upper CVE-2022-3446: Heap buffer overflow in WebSQL. Reported by Kaijie Xu (@kaijieguigui) on 2022-09-26
[$7500][1366582] Upper CVE-2022-3447: Inappropriate implementation in Custom Tabs. Reported by Narendra Bhati of Suma Soft Pvt. Ltd. Pune (India) on 2022-09-22
[$2500][1363040] Upper CVE-2022-3448: Use without self-ruling in Permissions API. Reported by raven at KunLun lab on 2022-09-13
[$TBD][1364662] Upper CVE-2022-3449: Use without self-ruling in Safe Browsing. Reported by asnine on 2022-09-17
[$TBD][1369882] Upper CVE-2022-3450: Use without self-ruling in Peer Connection. Reported by Anonymous on 2022-09-30

None of the listed security issues towards to be venal in the wild, as Google makes no mention of it in the announcement.

The new update is the third Chrome 106 point release already. The first point release addressed three security issues in Chrome; the second, released just last week, was a mysterious release, as Google made no mention of any fixes in the announcement. Together with Chrome 106, the four releases stock-still a total of 29 variegated security issues in Chrome.

Chrome users should update the browser as soon as possible to protect it from attacks targeting the newly patched security issues.

Expect most Chromium-based browsers to push out point updates as well in the coming days and weeks to write security issues.

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