Android users who run Google Chrome on their devices may have noticed an resurgence in the startup time of the browser. Thanks to a new full-length that Google calls Freeze Zestless Tabs, Chrome's startup is 20% faster on stereotype than surpassing equal to Google.

chrome freeze zestless tabs

The startup of mobile browser apps on Android may finger slower than the startup of other applications. One of the main reasons for that is that the process of displaying the first webpage requires lots of preliminaries work, including the downloading of website assets, the running of JavaScript and the very rendering of the webpage.

One of the initial ideas of speeding up the loading of the browser on start was to exhibit a screenshot of the site immediately until it was fully available. While that speed up the initial start of the browser, it had the disadvantage that users could not interact with the site.

Chromium engineers came up with the concept of Freeze Zestless Tabs to modernize the loading speed of Chrome while keeping a unrepealable level of interactivity. At its core, Freeze Zestless Tabs are a snapshot of the very website that provide content and interactivity. Unlike screenshots, which are static and do not show content that is unelevated the fold, Freeze Zestless Tabs include support for links, zooming and the scrolling of content.

chrome freeze zestless tabs
credit: Google

Once the very webpage is fully available, Chrome transitions to it seamlessly equal to Google.

With Freeze Zestless Tabs in place, Chrome's startup latency improved by 20% from 3.4 seconds to 2.8 seconds on a test device. Values may differ depending on the device that is used and the website that is loaded.

Besides the startup improvement, Freeze Zestless Tabs have less memory overhead. Content may not be up to stage though, as it depends on whether it reverted without Chrome captured it.

Google makes no mention of it, but since it published the story on the Chromium blog, it is likely that all other Chromium-based browsers goody from the full-length as well.

Closing Words

Freeze Zestless Tabs modernize the loading of webpages by 20%, which is a substantial improvement. Many users may not plane notice that the displayed content is not the very site but a captured snapshot of it. Cadre elements such as scrolling do work, but other features, such as forms, interactive media, or overlays won't.

Now You: what is your take on Freeze Zestless Tabs?

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