Google announced an extension of the deadline to remove support for Manifest V2 extensions in the company's Chrome browser and the unshut source Chromium core.

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The transpiration does not impact the cadre visualization of removing support for Manifest V2 extensions in favor of Manifest V3. Dubbed, the adblocker killer initially, due to limitations imposed on content blocking and other types of browser extensions, Google made concessions that allows content blockers to run on Chrome without the final switch is made.

Extensions are still limited in comparison to Manifest V2, expressly if multiple that use filtering functionality are run simultaneously, or if lots of filters are zingy in a single extension.

Chromium browser developers have two main options to deal with those limitations. First, they may have or introduce content blockers of their own, which may protract to work plane without the switch is made. Second, they may protract support for Manifest V2, or the required APIs at least.

Brave, Vivaldi or Opera run their own content blockers already. Vivaldi, for example, confirmed that its ad blocker will protract to work.

Mozilla, maker of Firefox, plans to support Manifest V2 and V3 in the browser to ensure that Manifest V2 extensions protract to be supported in the browser.

Google's initial plan was to stop supporting Manifest V2 extensions in Chrome by June 2023. For most users, support would run out in January 2023, but an Enterprise policy would enable users to proffer the deadline by six months.

Manifest V2 retirement: Changes to plans

Now, Google spoken an extension to 2024 in a new blog post on the Chrome Developer site and details on the phasing out of Manifest V2 support in the browser.

  • In January 2023, when Chrome 112 is released, Google plans to run experiments to turn off support for Manifest V2 in minutiae browsers (Chrome Beta, Dev and Canary).
  • In June 2023, when Chrome 115 is released, Google plans to run experiments to turn off support for Manifest V2 extensions for all Chrome channels, including Stable.

Enterprise policies may be set to proffer the retirement deadline to January 2024. Chrome developers who maintain Manifest V2 extensions in the Store will have featured badges removed from the extensions by January 2023. From June 2023 on, Manifest V2 extensions are no longer unliable to be published with public visibility. All existing Chrome extensions that rely on Manifest V2 will be reverted to unlisted.

The wait gives developers increasingly time, expressly since several APIs do not towards ready at the time of writing. Google created a "known issues" page for developers that lists major known migration issues.

For users, it ways that they do not have to worry well-nigh extensions running out of support until January 2024, provided that they either wield the Enterprise policy to proffer the deadline, or have it unromantic by the maker of a Chromium-based browser.

Now You: are you unauthentic by the migration to Manifest V3?

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