Google published a new stable version of its Chrome web browser for all supported operating systems. Chrome 119 is a security update first and foremost, but it does introduce new features and capabilities as well. Noteworthy are options to save, restore and sync tab groups, deprecation and removal of WebSQL and a defended setting for the Permission Suggestions Service.

Google Chrome users may select Menu > Help > About Google Chrome, or load chrome://settings/help in the write bar, to exhibit the current version on desktop devices. The browser checks for updates when the page is opened and will download and install any update it finds. It should snift Chrome 119 and install it. A restart of the browser is required to well-constructed the update.

Chrome should list the pursuit versions on the page without installation of the Chrome 119 update:

  • Chrome for Linux and macOS: 119.0.6045.105
  • Chrome for Windows: 119.0.6045.105 or 119.0.6045.106
  • Chrome for Android: 119.0.6045.66

Google notes that it has moved the Chrome release schedule by a week.

Chrome 119: the security fixes

google chrome 119

Google reveals that it has addressed 15 unique security issues in Chrome 119. Only some of them are listed in the official release post on the Chrome Releases blog.

Three vulnerabilities are rated high, which is the highest severity rating of the publicly disclosed vulnerabilities. They write an inappropriate implementation in Payments, an insufficient data validation in USB, and an Integer overflow in USB.

The remaining security issues have a severity of medium or low. Google makes no mention of exploits in the wild.

Chrome users are encouraged to install the update immediately to protect the installation versus possible exploits.

Chrome 119: new features and changes

Google Chrome 119 includes a number of new features and improvements.  The browser's tab groups feature, for example, supports saving, recalling and syncing tabs now.

Tab groups is a useful tab management feature. Just right-click on an unshut tab in Chrome and select the option to create a new tab group to get started. You can stilt & waif other tabs into the group and swoon unshortened tab groups to self-ruling up space on Chrome's tab bar.

The new capabilities add saving and syncing to Chrome, so that tab groups wilt misogynist wideness all desktop devices Chrome runs on using the same Google account.

Google Chrome users should moreover note that Safe Browsing standard is now moreover checking visited URLs in real-time. Google explains that this is washed-up by sending partial hashes of the URLS to Google Safe Browsing through "a proxy via Oblivious HTTP".  This unlinks the user's IP write from the request equal to Google to modernize privacy.

Other changes:

  • Deprecation and removal of WebSQL in favor of SQLite over WASM,
  • Removal of the Sanitizer App with intent to re-implement it at a later point in time.
  • DevTools internal errors are now reported via Chrome's internal crash reporting.
  • Authorization headers are removed upon cross-origin redirects.
  • Chrome users on iOS may long-press on images to save them directly to Google Photos.

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